NHL and Gary Bettman Are Blasted for Poor Officiating By Top Agent

Published October 29, 2023 at 11:48

The NHL has been put on blast for its bad record in officiating, this time by a top agent who called out Gary Bettman in the process.

Allan Walsh Calls Out Gary Bettman and NHL Officials

Allan Walsh shared his displeasure with the NHL and its officiating late last night after a controversial non-call in overtime effectively ended the game in a loss for the Canucks.

Four refs on the ice and not a SINGLE ONE caught a super obvious trip at 3v3. Very cool. #Canucks

Walsh, an agent who represents Filip Hronek on the Canucks, took to X.com to voice his concerns with NHL officiating, putting them on blast.

NHL officiatingman oh man. Incompetent or intentional?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

He even called out Gary Bettman and the NHL's tradition of protecting referees by silencing Coaches and GMs from speaking about poor officiating performances.

Gary Bettman summoned all 32 GM's/Head Coaches to a meeting in Chicago this year just before training camp and sternly warned coaches against any public comments criticizing officials.

Too bad Gary can't control what agents say.

NHL officiating is a smoking pile of HOT GARBAGE!

Walsh Among Several Fans Who Are Not Happy With Officials

Walsh is one among many when it comes to hating on NHL officials. However, the trend of poor officiating has increased over the past few years, and fans are starting to really take notice.

Not even the right call, if this were in fact a penalty.

NHL officiating is just dismal right now.

The NHL is notorious for staying silent on officiating issues, and will likely continue to stay silent, while fans and teams suffer the consequences.

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NHL and Gary Bettman Are Blasted for Poor Officiating By Top Agent

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