Patrick Marleau's Wife Exposes Evander Kane With Disturbing Story

Published October 29, 2023 at 9:03

The more we learn about Evander Kane's personal life, the more problematic he seemingly becomes. Another new story about him came out today as a former Shark's wife exposed his indecent behavior.

Kane Called Out By Christina Marleau

Christina Marleau, Mr. Shark's wife, was apparently asked by Evander Kane's ex Anna to make a statement verifying a couple of events for legal reasons. The statement she released shook the hockey world even though these stories become less and less shocking with each new one that comes out.

The most damning part here is when Kane and an unnamed younger Shark did an unnamed substance at Kane's home. Obviously, this could mean a lot of things but it is very possible that said substance was illegal, illegally obtained, or both. This would implicate not only Kane, but also the unnamed player.

Kane Used Merkley As Babysitter

When fans first saw the post, some questioned why the babysitting story at the end was included. All Christina confirms here is that Merkley was a babysitter for Kane 'multiple times.' That in itself means nothing. People need babysitters sometimes. So why would she mention that? It is possible that Merkley is the younger player mentioned in the previous story about the unnamed substance. While this is just conjecture at this point, there must be a reason she mentioned this. The entire statement is intended to be used in court after all, so the court must be interested in having this specific information.

This would implicate Merkley but as we do not know what the substance was, it must be noted that it is possible nothing illegal happened in that story. Kane Has three years left with the Oilers at a 5.125 million dollar contract. We will see if he actually finishes that contract or if legal troubles prevent him from doing so. Kane has already had one contract terminated by the league, although that was for violating a league rule, not for breaking any laws.
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Patrick Marleau's Wife Exposes Evander Kane With Disturbing Story

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