Sam Bennett sucker punching Brad Marchand.
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Sam Bennett to not face supplemental discipline after hit on Marchand

Published May 11, 2024 at 6:17 PM

Florida Panthers forward Sam Bennett is in the clear as he will not face supplemental discipline for his hit on Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand in game three of the Bruins and Panthers Stanley Cup Playoffs series.

The Florida Panthers took a 2-1 series lead over the Boston Bruins as they defeated the Bruins 6-2 in another highly physical matchup.

Sam Bennett would hit Bruins captain Brad Marchand with a rather dangerous hit to the upper body area that took the Bruins forward out for the remainder of the game as he was ruled unlikely to return.

Bennett is no stranger either to having such a long leash in the playoffs, he was not suspended for this hit on Marchand as the NHL Department of Player Safety's 5:00 pm EST deadline passed.

Bennett would slam Toronto Maple Leafs forward Matthew Knies into the ice head first causing the Leafs rookie to miss the remainder of the playoffs with a severe concussion.

Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery provided his comments on the play and was not happy there was no penalty, fans likely cannot wait to hear Montgomery's comments following no supplemental discipline being handed out for a clearly dangerous and intentionally dirty play.

Marchand was ruled as day-to-day and the Bruins can't be happy to have their captain potentially missing crucial playoff games.

This will only rile up the Bruins even more who have taken a strong stance against the Panthers' cheap and dirty playstyle. Patrick Maroon will likely have some strong words to compliment Montgomery's stance.
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Sam Bennett to not face supplemental discipline after hit on Marchand

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