Michael McLeod, formerly of the New Jersey Devils.
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Charged player from 2018 WJC Facing Backlash After Recent Post

Published February 10, 2024 at 2:48 PM
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The 2018 World Juniors scandal involving Team Canada has been a major story in the hockey world, and now we are at the point of simply waiting for the legal process to play out.

Michael McLeod taking major backlash for social media post

One of those players involved is former Devils player Michael McLeod, who is the sole individual facing multiple charges for the incident that occurred with the 2018 World Juniors team.

Now however, he's taking major backlash on social media after he was spotted on a vacation with his girlfriend, with many pointing out how disgusting it is for him to be showing off a life of luxury with the impending charges on him.

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Michael McLeod is on vacation with his girlfriend. His girlfriend had the audacity to post this with the caption «DND» It must be so hard being charged with 2 counts of s***** a****** and awaiting your next court date.

Both of them are equal pieces of garbage. I'm disgusted 🤢

Fans point out ridiculous flaw in Canada's legal system

Given the heinous nature of the crimes that McLeod has been accused of, fans are pointing out just how ridiculous it is that a person can travel internationally while facing such charges.


The fact that this piece of unwashed a** was even allowed to cross the border, fly internationally is a disgrace.

Our laws in Canada still allow him to live a life of luxury. It's gross.

We need to rethink what we're doing here.

Ultimately, it's uncertain whether anything will happen to McLeod beyond the official charges he's facing, but in the future, he and his partner need to think much more clearly before showing off a life of luxury given the disgusting things he's been accused of.

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