Gretzky Calls for Bettman to Make a Major Rule Change

Published April 2, 2023 at 6:06 PM

TNT made a splash by bringing hockey legend Wayne Gretzky on board as a panelist. It's always a treat to hear the insights of the GOAT, and when he speaks up, fans take notice.

Gretzky Suggests Rule Change to Shootouts

Wayne Gretzky graced the NHL for nearly two decades, but he never experienced a shootout firsthand. Although shootouts can be thrilling for fans, they're also widely debated, as many believe they're an unfair way to determine the outcome of a game.

Players like Nicklas Backstrom and Nick Suzuki have perfected signature moves that capitalize on the nature of shootouts. These maneuvers take time to execute, but according to the current rules, they're allowed as long as the player keeps moving forward.

Gretzky, however, isn't a fan of this approach. He's recently proposed a significant rule change—a shot clock for shootouts.

This adjustment would undoubtedly alter the dynamic of shootouts, potentially making them more balanced and competitive.

The question remains: should the league heed the advice of its GOAT and implement this rule change?
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Gretzky Calls for Bettman to Make a Major Rule Change

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