Minnesota Wild Star Forward Suffers an Injury Right After Returning From Knee Surgery

Published April 2, 2023 at 11:32
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Injuries are an inevitable part of hockey, especially in the NHL, no matter how much precaution is taken.

Shaw Is Injured

Unfortunately, during a recent game between the Minnesota Wild and the Vegas Golden Knights, one of the star Wild forwards was injured.

Check out the play here:

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Mason Shaw was injured early in the game after falling into the boards and being unable to get up without assistance. It appeared he was not able to put any weight on that side. Shaw has previously undergone three knee surgeries while playing for the Wild but has always triumphantly returned to the ice.

Shaw has played 59 games this season and scored 7 goals, had 10 assists, and recorded 17 points. However, this type of leg injury can be bad news for any player, especially one who has experienced it multiple times.

Hopefully, Shaw's injury is not serious, and he can return to play with the Wild soon.

As seen on Hockeylatest - Minnesota Wild Star Injured Right After Returning From 3 Knee Surgeries
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