Another Cheating Controversy Emerges in Toronto

Published April 2, 2023 at 9:41
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During the game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators, the Leafs emerged victorious with a score of 3-0. Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov got a shutout for his performance during this game, which is great news for him. However, one play during the game has some fans questioning the legitimacy of his shutout.

Did Samsonov Cheat?

It appears that during a Senators power play, Samsonov knocked the net off, which forced a stop in the play. Although it is open to interpretation, it appears that Samsonov moved over to the post, stumbled, and fell on the post, causing the net to come off.

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The question is whether Samsonov intentionally knocked off the net or it was just an actual, honest accident. It is possible that he wanted to give the Leafs a stoppage in play while they were on the penalty kill, and he saw this moment as an opportunity to do so. On the other hand, it could have been an unintentional mistake. Hopefully, this was just an accident, and Samsonov has not learnt this awful habit from Matt Murray, who has been accused of knocking the net off intentionally in the past.

As seen on Hockeypatrol - Leafs Goalie Cheats Again
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