PK Subban Takes a Controversial Stance on Pride Jerseys

Published April 1, 2023 at 8:23 PM
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The NHL has faced recent controversies, particularly surrounding the much-debated Pride Nights. P.K. Subban has now shared his perspective on the issue.

Subban Urges Caution in "Forcing" Players to Wear Pride Jerseys


Subban has expressed his opinion on Pride Nights and the refusal of some players to wear the associated warm-up jerseys. Here's what Subban had to say:

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"We shouldn't force everyone to become an activist; we must tread carefully. I think people selectively choose what they want to discuss, and I dislike when the responsibility falls on athletes to be activists."

"They don't have to be activists."

"I'm not stating that wearing the (Pride) jersey is right or wrong; we just need to be cautious about pressuring players into doing things."

"It's possible to support the LGBTQ community without wearing a hat, a t-shirt, or a jersey."

Subban's viewpoint, considered unpopular by many, has sparked debate. He is among the first high-profile athletes in the sport to back players who decline to wear the jerseys.

Some of Subban's fans, particularly those in the LGBTQ+ community, may find his statement disheartening. It's undoubtedly difficult to learn that a player you admire may not fully support you.

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