Jonathan Toews Looked Off During a Post-Game Interview

Published April 2, 2023 at 11:09
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Jonathan Toews, the captain of the Blackhawks, returned to the lineup on Saturday night after being sidelined for a month due to illness. Despite the team losing 6-3 to the Devils, Toews played well and even recorded an assist. His return was a welcome sight for the team, as they struggled during his absence and seemed to need his leadership and skill on the ice to make a push for the playoffs.

Toews Did Not Look Good During the Post-Game Interview

However, during the post-game interview, Toews appeared distant and unwell while speaking with reporters. It was later revealed that he is still dealing with lingering symptoms from his illness. Nonetheless, Toews reassured fans that he is feeling much better.

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Despite his appearance during the interview, Toews' return to the ice is a positive development for the Blackhawks, and his leadership and skill will likely contribute to the team's future success this season.

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