Renowned NHL Enforcer Shares His Thoughts on the Sam Bennett Situation

Published May 6, 2023 at 12:24

Sam Bennett has been the talk of the town recently, thanks to his two dirty plays on both Matthew Knies and Micheal Bunting, slamming the formers head into the ice with needles violence, and violently cross checking Bunting. Thankfully, Bennett's actions were not overlooked by the NHL department of safety and Bennett was fined 5000$.

The majority of people either agree with the punishment, or even think it wasn't harsh enough. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this sentiment, and many feel that Bennett's actions did not warrant any punishment at all, one of these people being former NHL hockey player Matthew Barnaby.

Barnaby shared his opinion on this whole situation via a twitter post which can be seen below:

"For anyone crying on Bennett? Shouldn't even be a fine. #Soft"

The internet did not take kindly to Barnaby's statement and he has since been receiving widespread backlash for his insensitive comment.

Times have changed, and maybe Bennett's actions would have been less severe back in 1992 when Barnaby started, but not anymore and Barnaby will eventually need to acknowledge this and get with the times.

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Renowned NHL Enforcer Shares His Thoughts on the Sam Bennett Situation

Should Barnaby apologize for his comments?

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