Leafs Fans Furious After Sam Bennet's Ruling Was Handed Down

Published May 5, 2023 at 9:24 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans are anything but happy after falling 2-0 to the Florida Panthers on Thursday night. However, that was only half of their frustrations, as Panthers forward Sam Bennett had quite the night, to say the least.

Bennett gave Leafs rookie Matthew Knies a devastating Rock bottom that Dwayne the Rock Johnson would of been proud of, slamming his head into the ice before skating away as if nothing had happened. Later, Bennett cross-checked Leafs forward Michael Bunting in front of the net, prompting the Leafs to call for a suspension for Bennett.


Unfortunately, the NHL Department of Player Safety's George Parros handed down his ruling, and instead of a suspension, Bennett received a $5,000 fine for cross-checking Bunting, which is the maximum allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

This decision has caused the Leafs and their fans to be furious, especially after learning that Knies is out with a concussion. This is a huge blow to the Leafs heading into Florida, down 2-0 in the series, and many are wondering how George Parros is still in charge.

Credit to:House Of Hockey
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Leafs Fans Furious After Sam Bennet's Ruling Was Handed Down

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