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Leafs Prospect Stays on the Ice After Massive Hit

Published July 8, 2023 at 3:12 PM

Scary Scene at Dev Camp

Something really bad happened in a recent prospect game at the Leafs development camp. Nolan Dillingham hit Roni Hirvonen really hard, and Hirvonen remained motionless on the ice.

Hirvonen was chosen as the 59th overall pick in 2020, and he was hoping to earn a spot on the Leafs team during this year's training camp. He performed exceptionally well in the Liiga, scoring 28 points in 57 games for HIFK.

Despite his injury, Hirvonen managed to walk off the ice after practice, but it was evident that he was in pain. Later, it was revealed that he had suffered a concussion.

Public Outrage

Many fans are extremely upset about what happened in the inter-team game. They believe Dillingham went too far, and they want him to be expelled from the camp due to the severity of the hit.

Since today marks the last day of the training camp, it is highly unlikely that the Leafs will offer Dillingham a contract. This is especially true because he caused such a serious injury to one of their most promising young players.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Scary Moment as Leafs Prospect Lays Motionless on Ice After Hit
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Leafs Prospect Stays on the Ice After Massive Hit

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