Max Domi Gives Massive Praise to New Teammate

Wade Messier
July 8, 2023  (12:00)

Max Domi is the newest member of the Toronto Maple Leafs, as the forward inked himself a one-year contract with the Leafs just a few short days ago. He's already acclimating himself quite nicely with his new teammates, and he delivered some huge praise to another new member of the Leafs recently.

Domi Praises Reaves

Domi was recently asked about the role of fighting in the game of hockey, and how his dad carved himself a career out of it. While Domi acknowledged his father's legacy, he chose to focus his answer more on his new teammate and well-respected enforcer, Ryan Reaves.
"The fighting is great and I have so much respect for that, especially having a guy like Ryan Reaves come in. It's a very important role, but the more important side of that that no one sees is what those guys do in the locker room. How they bring guys together, the energy they bring, the positivity they bring and all that stuff. Being a good teammate. That's what my dad took the most pride in and then whenever the coach tapped him, he went out there and helped his team win. It's a tough job, the toughest job in our game. I've been lucky enough to learn from a guy like that and there's far more positives that come from having a dad that's a legend like that than the negative of people comparing you to him. We're very different players but I do try to implement all those positives of him being a good teammate, working hard, playing hard every shift." - Max Domi
While Domi is known for his willingness to get scrappy at times, Ryan Reaves does some of the dirtiest work in hockey. It's clear that Domi respects that kind of playstyle, and wanted to show appreciation towards his new teammate.

Healthy Balance

For years, the Maple Leafs have been accused of being too soft, and it might be true. Their top-of-the-line players are filled with talent, there's no doubt about that, but aren't usually known for their physical play.
GM Brad Treliving took notice and addressed those concerns in free agency with the additions of Ryan Reaves, Max Domi, and Tyler Bertuzzi. While Domi and Bertuzzi can play a skilled game, their physical presence provides a nice balance to the high-end skill brought by the likes of Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, and John Tavares.