Golden Knights With Controversial Decision to Not Write a Player's Name on the Cup

Published July 8, 2023 at 9:56
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Golden Knights Refuse to Put a Name on the Cup

In the world of hockey, when a team wins the Stanley Cup, they usually put the names of their players on the Cup to honor their achievement. However, something unexpected happened with the Vegas Golden Knights.

News has spread that the Golden Knights decided to omit Nolan Patrick from their list of Cup engravings, despite his being part of the team roster.

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Criterias Unfilled

Due to injury issues, Patrick was unable to hit the ice for a single match this season and in the playoffs. This means that according to official rules, the Golden Knights don't have to put his name on the Cup.

Also, every champion teams can only write 52 names on the Cup, including the staff and the players. They've decided to use his spot for someone else.

Do you think they should have put his name on the Cup?


As seen on Hockey Patrol - Golden Knights Decide Not To Include Former Second Overall Pick's Name On The Stanley Cup
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