Don Cherry Provides Insight on the Leafs' Most Significant Decision of the Year

Elliot Ben Jacob
July 7, 2023  (8:00 PM)

Don Cherry's Stance on the Evolution of the Maple Leafs

Known as an ardent admirer of traditional hockey, Don Cherry, a household name in the hockey world, has been vocal about his views regarding the dismissal of Kyle Dubas and the appointment of Brad Treliving.

Cherry's Perspective on the Departure of Dubas

Being a formidable and polarizing figure in the world of hockey, Cherry's insights into the sport demand respect, irrespective of one's personal opinion about him.
In a recent conversation, Cherry delved into the latest happenings surrounding the Maple Leafs, sparking intrigue with his comments on Dubas' termination.
"He didn't think it was necessary to fire Kyle Dubas or trade any players. He just thought the team should play its tougher ones — like Wayne Simmonds"

This suggests that Cherry perceives Dubas had assembled a team of Stanley Cup potential, but they fell short as the key components were not fully exploited. Cherry continued to share his thoughts on the induction of Treliving.

Cherry's Insight on Treliving's Induction

Cherry does express that he thinks Dubas being let go was pointless decision, but he also expressed approval of Treliving's decisions as GM so far.
"Fans are going to love this team, nobody is going to push them around, that is for sure. You won't have a situation where they choked the college kid Matthew Knies like we saw in the playoffs. With Reaves on there and Bertuzzi and Domi too, that won't happen again." - Don Cherry


Cherry's words indicate that he truly believes Treliving is doing a good job. He firmly believes that the Leafs will not experience another incident similar to the one where Knies was strangled in the playoffs. They're fresh roster additions such as Ryan Reaves, are likely to avert such occurrences from happening again.