Massive Trade Scenario Involving Matthew Knies and Vancouver

Published July 8, 2023 at 10:16
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The Toronto Maple Leafs have a talented young player in Matthew Knies, who exceeded expectations in his first few games in the NHL. He is likely to have a more important role on the team in the future, but it's still uncertain.

There is a trade proposal circulating and it's going viral.

Knies in Vancouver?

The scenario suggests that Knies could go to the Vancouver Canucks along with a third-round draft pick in exchange for Elias Pettersson.

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While it may be difficult for Leafs fans to let go of Knies, the idea of adding Pettersson is very tempting. Pettersson has already proven himself in the NHL and is known for performing well under pressure.

Not Likely to Happen...

However, the problem with this trade proposal is that the Maple Leafs are already over the salary cap set by the NHL. In order to comply with the cap rules, they would have to make significant changes to their roster before the season begins.


Adding Pettersson, who has a high salary of over $7 million, would worsen their cap situation and likely require them to say goodbye to one of their other high-paid players. It seems unlikely that the Leafs would go through the trouble of making such a trade only to replace one star player with another.

In reality, despite the hopes of fans, the chances of this trade happening are very slim.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Trade Proposal Emerges Sending Knies to the Canucks
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