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Matvei Michkov's Former Teammate Exposes his Attitude Problems

Published July 8, 2023 at 2:22 PM

Michkov Joins Philadelphia Flyers

Last Wednesday, the news of Matvei Michkov joining the Philadelphia Flyers sent ripples through the hockey community. Michkov, a Russian prodigy, was touted as a high-ranking contender in the 2023 draft class. However, his existing contract in Russia and alleged "attitude problems" caused his ranking to drop.


Insight from a Former Teammate

Ray Whitney, an ex-NHL player, offered some perspective. He shared that one of Michkov's previous teammates in Russia had several concerns about the young player. It seems that the issue of Michkov's attitude has been a recurring theme.

"He disregards advice from seasoned players and coaches, even laughing at them and dismissing their guidance. He is solely driven by his own will.

Despite our attempts to understand and help him, we came to the conclusion that he's simply a difficult individual." - Anonymous Teammate

If these claims hold any truth, it would clarify why many teams overlooked Michkov.

Evaluating the Claims

Reports such as these require a healthy dose of skepticism, especially when they originate from unnamed sources. Many people who met Matvei on the day of the draft reported a very different side of him - an enthusiastic and friendly young man who was both respectful and courteous.

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Matvei Michkov's Former Teammate Exposes his Attitude Problems

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