Major Development Indicates Many Teams Have Deemed a Top Prospect ‘Undraftable'

Published May 6, 2023 at 3:24 PM

With spring comes the exhilarating playoff hockey season, the anticipation of the draft, and the buzz surrounding the lottery. As the draft in Nashville approaches, teams are preparing to make their selections, and all eyes are on the up-and-coming prospects.

While the outstanding Connor Bedard is all over the news, another exceptional talent, Matvei Michkov, is also attracting significant interest.

Dubbed the best Russian prospect since Alex Ovechkin, Michkov's draft position could be greatly influenced by both his nationality and the current global climate.

Whispers indicate that at least one top-10 team may pass on Michkov, despite the opportunity to add a generational talent to their lineup.

Many Teams Hesitant to Draft Michkov

An insider from Quebec has disclosed that the Montreal Canadiens are not likely to choose Michkov, even if he's the best player available when their pick arrives.

"From what I hear, the Canadiens won't touch Michkov. It's too much trouble." - Stéphane Leroux

The lottery on Monday night will not only decide which lucky team lands Connor Bedard on their roster, but will also shape the futures of many young players.

As for Michkov, will he be among the top 5 draft picks? We'll have to wait and see.


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Major Development Indicates Many Teams Have Deemed a Top Prospect ‘Undraftable'

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