Robin Lehner Facing Criminal Charges One Again

Marc El Khoury
April 5, 2023  (3:39 PM)

Swedish goalie Robin Lehner has a knack for finding himself in the spotlight. The last few years have seen him embroiled in multiple scandals, and now, he's making headlines once more.

Lehner Hit with Fraud Allegations

After filing for bankruptcy last December, the Knights' goaltender is now facing fraud accusations from a creditor.
Aliya Growth Fund (AGF) has submitted a comprehensive 14-page complaint, alleging that Robin Lehner committed fraud. They're calling for a trial, having lent Lehner $4.75 million just six weeks before he and his wife declared bankruptcy.
AGF's legal representatives assert that Lehner secured a substantial loan by providing "materially false and misleading representations."
The complaint also alleges that Lehner and his wife had a staggering 24 loans totaling $21 million, 11 ongoing litigation cases, and unresolved tax debts, none of which were disclosed in their loan application last fall.
In another lawsuit, American Express is pursuing repayment of over $95,000 from Lehner, incurred after retaining a bankruptcy attorney in December 2022. The credit card company claims Lehner spent just under $45,500 at Aquatic Treasures in Las Vegas and over $15,000 at Top Shelf Aquatics in Winter Park, Florida.
A significant chunk of the Lehners' debt is tied to their family business, SolarCode, which is being sued by a lender for $3.9 million over an alleged default on a business loan. Lehner has also poured money into reptile breeding and farms, and is facing legal action for failing to make payments on snake purchases.
However, ongoing litigation is temporarily on hold due to the bankruptcy proceedings.
Given Lehner's history of unpredictable behavior and his track record, it's fair to say that his current troubles aren't all that surprising. There could be serious consequences for his actions.
As reported on HockeyPatrol - Robin Lehner in Legal Trouble Once Again