Gretzky Calls On Gary Bettman to Honour Bobby Orr

Published April 5, 2023 at 10:57

Wayne Gretzky's influence on hockey is monumental. As one of the NHL's all-time greats, his words carry weight.

Recently, he made an important suggestion to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Wayne Gretzky Advocates for a Bobby Orr Trophy in the NHL


Over the weekend, during a segment on TNT's broadcast, The Great One passionately argued for the creation of new awards in the league.

He shared his thoughts:

«We need a Bobby Orr Trophy, for the most points by a defenseman, and then (a trophy) for the best defensive defenseman. Have two awards. You should honor Bobby Orr, him and Gordie Howe, the greatest players ever."

Gretzky believes that Orr and Howe, as the NHL's finest, warrant having trophies named in their honor.

Presently, the Norris Trophy is awarded to the best all-around defenseman of the season, taking into account their performance in every aspect of the game.

Dividing this award into two distinct honours could make a lot of sense, as there are many players who excel as either offensively or defensively-minded defensemen. These players deserve their own recognition.

It's uncertain whether the NHL will act on Gretzky's suggestion, but as we've witnessed time and again in recent years, Gary Bettman isn't known for being receptive to others' proposals when it comes to making alterations in his league.
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Gretzky Calls On Gary Bettman to Honour Bobby Orr

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