Joseph Woll Uses NHL Callup to Make Bold Statement on Pride

Published April 5, 2023 at 10:11
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Joseph Woll was called up to the NHL team just in time for Pride Night, providing him with the perfect opportunity to make a powerful statement.

Woll Stands with Pride

Joseph Woll is a deeply committed Catholic. His devotion to his faith is so strong that he has a depiction of Jesus Christ on the cross and an angel wing on his helmet.

While many athletes have cited religious beliefs as a reason to avoid Pride-related events, Woll chose to embrace it.

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With the Maple Leafs' Pride logo positioned only inches away from the image of Jesus Christ, Woll's actions became the most talked-about moment of the night.

"Joseph Woll, who started for the Leafs during the Pride game tonight, wore Pride Tape on his stick and the backs of his skates throughout the game.

Woll - who sees his faith as a grounding force in his life - also wore the helmet sticker, right beside Jesus on the cross."


Way to go, Joseph Woll!

As Read on HockeyPatrol - Woll Makes Bold Statement On Pride During Callup
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