Mitch Marner Comments on Near Career-Changing Injury

Published April 5, 2023 at 9:30
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Mitch Marner narrowly escaped a potentially life-altering injury and has since broken his silence.

Marner Addresses Frightening Close Call with Injury

Following a trip, Blue Jackets rookie Kirill Marchenko inadvertently skated over Marner's leg.

Although Marner was not wearing cut-resistant socks, he did have cut-proof wrist protection. Fortunately, Marchenko is relatively lightweight, and Marner emerged unscathed. Injuries of this nature can lead to severe consequences, so Marner was extremely fortunate.

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Reflecting on the incident, Marner expressed gratitude for his luck:

I'm pretty lucky to have cut-proof protection on my wrists but not on my legs.

It is likely that Marner will begin wearing cut-resistant socks after this close call. He was fortunate this time, and hopefully, he can use this experience to fuel an unstoppable performance in the playoffs.

As read on Blade of Steel - Marner discusses near-miss with skate injury
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