One of a Kind Scene For a Referee at the Bell Centre

Published April 4, 2023 at 9:59 PM
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During tonight's face-off between the Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings at the Bell Centre, a remarkable moment unfolded.

It is quite uncommon in the NHL, but it truly demonstrates the class of the Canadiens organization and their fans.

Referee Honoured

Referee Marc Joanette was honoured and received a heartfelt ovation from the audience to celebrate his last game.

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Take a look at it here:

"Marc Joanette will be toasting with Kent Hughes and Martin St-Louis. Certainly not with cheap wine!

Final game of his career. Well done!"

Marc-André Perreault, TVA Sports

Kudos to Mr. Joanette for an impressive career, kudos to the fans for their response, and kudos to the Canadiens organization for this thoughtful act.

This is why Montreal is considered one of the best hockey markets in the world! Joanette will undoubtedly cherish this memory for the rest of his life. Well done Canadiens!

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