Fan Watch Party Gets Shut Down by Gary Bettman

Published April 5, 2023 at 11:29
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Despite a less-than-stellar season for the Canadiens, die-hard fans were looking forward to one final celebration before the season's end. Regrettably, the league has put a damper on their plans.

Montreal Watch Party Event Gets the Axe from the NHL

Three of Montreal's most passionate fan groups—Habs Eyes on the Prize, GAME OVER: Montreal, and HabsFanTV—had planned an epic watch party for the Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs game.

The event was set to include a raffle featuring some fantastic prizes, such as a reverse retro jersey signed by the entire team:

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Scheduled to take place at La Cage Aux Sports restaurant, located just steps from the Bell Centre, this gathering promised to be a memorable night for all Habs enthusiasts.

However, the NHL stepped in and pulled the plug on the event, citing that watch parties of this scale (with a small entry fee) were in violation of league rules.

"The NHL shut it down through La Cage, there's not enough time to figure out a way of changing the event to the NHL's satisfaction in order to hold the event.

While fans received refunds for their tickets, the anticipation and excitement that the event had generated for so many cannot be replaced.

A truly disappointing move by the league.
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