BREAKING: Jonathan Quick Signing with Boyhood Team

Published June 30, 2023 at 4:01 PM
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Anticipating the Free Agents Market

As the free agents market gears up to open its doors, the anticipation is steadily building. With each passing moment, we edge closer to the unveiling of numerous signings and transfer announcements.

Vegas Golden Knights: Seeking Quick's Replacement

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The Golden Knights are now in the position of needing a new player to replace Jonathan Quick. Quick, an integral part of the team, has just confirmed that he has successfully negotiated a deal with another team.


NHL Breakers Announcement on Instagram

NHL Breakers further confirmed this on Instagram, stating:

"Jonathan Quick will sign with the Rangers once free agency officially opens, per Kevin Weekes & Elliotte Friedman. The Rangers were Quick's childhood team."

Quick's Swift Exit from Vegas

Quick's departure from the Golden Knights comes as a swift one. He had joined the team during the most recent trade deadline, but now he's already set his sights on a new destination: his childhood team, the New York Rangers. Quick has officially announced that he's inked a deal with the Rangers.

The team is expected to confirm this officially when the market swings open tomorrow.

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