Family Ties Could See Number One Free Agent Land In Toronto

Published June 30, 2023 at 1:57 PM
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The number one free agent is a native to Ontario and grew up a Leafs fan which could mean he is willing to take a pay cut to play for his hometown team.

Duchene Perfect Fit For Leafs

Matt Duchene, born in Haliburton Ontario, was just bought out by the Nashville Predators despite leading their team in goals and leading all forwards in points.

Haliburton is roughly three hours from Toronto but is also three hours from Ottawa being a very central location in Toronto. However, Duchene grew up a Leafs fan.

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With him set to hit unrestricted free agency tomorrow, he will be the hottest commodity with many teams trying to sign him. At a late stage in his career, he is yet to win a Stanley Cup.

Enter the Maple Leafs. They are contending for a Stanley Cup with their current core and if he gets paired with the core four, he could help push them over the top. He would be the best non core four forward the Leafs have had in years.

While he will likely command a very high salary, he may be willing to take a paycut to be closer to home and play for his childhood team. Only time will tell if Duchene prioritizes money, family, or winning and but we can expect the Leafs and Brad Treliving to do everything they can to sign him.
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