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BREAKING: Major Development Regarding Auston Matthews Contract

Published June 30, 2023 at 2:57 PM

Trade Rumors and Contract Extensions Surrounding Auston Matthews

Ever since the recent hockey season drew to a close, the contract of Auston Matthews has come under a microscope. With a year still remaining on his Toronto tenure, the air is thick with whispers of trade scenarios and potential contract extensions.

A Major Development Sheds Light on the Matthews Saga

The ongoing buzz around Matthews' contract situation has now been punctuated by a significant update.


Auston Matthews Contract Situation Update

As reported by Elliotte Friedman, it seems that Auston Matthews will not be putting pen to paper before July 1st. This date bears particular significance as it is when his no-trade clause takes effect.

Despite this, Brad Treliving appears confident in being able to hammer out an agreement before the puck drops on the next season.

What This Means for the Maple Leafs

This development comes as a crucial juncture for the Maple Leafs. Their prime concern remains that Matthews stays put with the Leafs.

Whether an agreement is reached now or later down the line, the timing of the deal holds little consequence in comparison to its outcome.

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BREAKING: Major Development Regarding Auston Matthews Contract

Will Matthews reach an agreement with Toronto before the season starts?

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