Western Conference Team Actively Seeking to Acquire Alexis Lafreniere

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 2, 2023  (2:45 PM)

Lafreniere's Uncertain NHL Path

Alexis Lafreniere's journey in the NHL hasn't been smooth sailing from the start. This former QMJHL star player has found it difficult to consistently make his mark as a scorer in the NHL.
Despite being part of a talented Rangers team with an abundance of depth in the wings, Lafreniere's opportunities for success have been limited. He may potentially improve with a change in team environment.

Vancouver Canucks Eyeing Lafreniere

Rick Dhaliwal, a credible insider and reporter, has indicated that the Vancouver Canucks hold Lafreniere in high esteem and wish to integrate him into their lineup in the upcoming summer.
The team is looking at restructuring its roster, and with notable veteran contracts such as those of Myers, Garland, Boeser, and Miller potentially being transferred, the Canucks may plan to make a trade for Lafreniere during the NHL Draft.
Lafrenière, they really like him. They're going to try and create cap space. Myers, Garland, if there's something there for Boeser, Miller. You're gonna hear these names at the NHL Draft again.

Potential Roster Shuffling

The Canucks are up against their salary cap, which necessitates the transfer of players as part of their planned retool.
Depending on which players pique the interest of the Rangers, a trade package for Lafreniere could comprise any of the previously mentioned veteran players, a first-round pick, and possibly Aatu Raty.
Garland and Boeser might thrive in the New York setting and serve as the final pieces in making the Rangers a true force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, by accepting Tyler Myers' burdensome contract, the Rangers could manage to keep the cost of the deal low.