Kyle Dubas Sheds Light on What Led to Turmoil in His Last Press Conference as Leafs' GM

Wade Messier
June 2, 2023  (12:42)

Kyle Dubas has officially moved on from Toronto, as he's started his next chapter as the President of Hockey Operations in Pittsburgh. The young executive held his opening press conference yesterday, and we learned more about his final days in Toronto, and how Dubas viewed the situation.

Dubas Reveals Details

During his opening press conference on Thursday, Dubas addressed the Pittsburgh media for the first time since being hired as the Penguins' president of Hockey Operations. Naturally, reporters wanted to learn more about Dubas' departure from Toronto, so he opened up on the topic.
Dubas was asked about his comments during his final presser as Toronto's GM, where he stated that he'd either return to Toronto or take the year off. Dubas had this to say about his comments:
"Maybe I was too honest that day. But it's in the past." - Dubas
He was certainly too honest with the Toronto media, but at least he's owning up to it.

Dubas' Wife Played a Role in the Decision

Dubas also went on to discuss how his family played into the decision-making process. Dubas had repeatedly expressed that he wanted to consult his family before making a decision, and he took too long for Leafs President Brendan Shanahan's liking.
"Shannon's (Dubas' wife) view was, if we're gonna move, we should move now before the kids are too entrenched in a city. You never know if passing on this opportunity to work with these people and for a city like this and a group like this will be available in the future. So we jumped in today with both feet." - Dubas
Dubas' rationale makes sense, and we can now better understand why he went back on his word so quickly. Hopefully for Dubas, he has all the tools to succeed in Pittsburgh.
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