Canadian Team Intensifies Efforts to Acquire Jonathan Toews

Published June 2, 2023 at 12:02
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Ambiguity Surrounding Jonathan Toews' Future

There's an atmosphere of uncertainty surrounding the future of Jonathan Toews. Health issues remain a stumbling block for Toews, despite his ability to participate in 53 games this season.

In view of the unpredictability of his health in the forthcoming year, the Blackhawks have resolved not to renew the contract of their captain. However, a team has emerged showing a keen interest in acquiring Toews.

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Edmonton Oilers' Potential Interest in Toews

The Oilers are known to gamble, and recent speculation attests to that. Even though Toews isn't performing at his past peak level, his wealth of experience and leadership qualities are still invaluable assets for any team.

From Athletic:

"The Oilers could use another depth center, and Toews if healthy would check a lot of boxes as someone known for his leadership and defensive prowess. But their cap situation and Toews' health mean they won't be opening the vault for him. If their due diligence deems it worth offering Toews a contract, it'll be for one year and likely less than $1 million."

The Question of Toews' Preferences

However, whether or not Towes is interested in playing for another team is another story entirely. No one can dispute that his presence can be a significant boost to any team, given he's willing to play.

Should that not be the case, the only plausible course of action would be retirement.

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