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Matthew Tkachuk Discusses the Leafs' Choice to Bring in his Former GM Brad Treliving

Published June 2, 2023 at 10:59

Brad Treliving's Appointment as the Leafs' New General Manager

Brad Treliving, former General Manager of the Flames, has now officially assumed the role of General Manager for the Leafs. With his wealth of experience, there's a strong chance he could steer the Leafs towards the Finals.

However, despite his qualifications, there is concern among some that he might repeat his past mistakes with player management. A case in point is the trade of Matthew Tkachuk to Florida - a move widely seen as one of the worst in last year's off-season. The proof lies in Tkachuk's remarkable performance since the start of the playoffs.

Tkachuk's Perspective on Treliving's New Role

Upon Treliving's appointment, Matthew Tkachuk shared his thoughts about his former GM. He found out through Twitter and was quick to reach out with a message. Tkachuk expressed his confidence in Treliving, citing his excellent track record in Calgary.

"In my opinion, Treliving is one of the most respected people in the business. I understand the pressures of playing hockey in Canada, and although I can't delve into the details of his work, I can vouch for his impressive handling of the job in Calgary - another Canadian market. I believe he'll replicate his success in Toronto,"
said Tkachuk.

Tkachuk also highlighted his ongoing positive relationship with Treliving, hinting at their regular conversations. He believes that Treliving, as one of the top-respected GMs in hockey, could have picked any job he desired, but his choice to go with the Leafs was thrilling.

As for his time in Calgary, Tkachuk recalled Treliving's dedication towards the players and staff, despite not knowing the exact circumstances that led to his departure.

Tkachuk and Treliving's Ongoing Banter and Relationship

Interestingly, Tkachuk enjoys teasing Treliving about the trade.

"Tkachuk, who I share a close relationship with, keeps reminding me that his success keeps my name in the conversation. So, he sarcastically says 'you're welcome,'»
shared a grinning Treliving.

Despite a potentially rocky end, the bond between Tkachuk and Treliving remains strong, showing the importance of maintaining a good relationship with their team. This approach mirrors that of Dubas, who understands the crucial role of genuinely caring for their staff.

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Matthew Tkachuk Discusses the Leafs' Choice to Bring in his Former GM Brad Treliving

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