Barry Trotz reveals Predators plans for Mitch Marner trade

Graham Montgomery
May 21, 2024  (7:31 PM)

Nashville Predators general manager Barry Trotz addressing the media after trading defenseman Ryan McDonagh
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Nashville Predators general manager Barry Trotz hinted at the possibility of trading for Mitch Marner today after he made another major move for the team.

Reporters asked Trotz about the possibility of acquiring Marner today as the new Predators GM addressed the media. His response was quite interesting as he essentially avoided the question by saying Marner to the Predators is 'just a rumor.'
I asked Barry Trotz if he'd be interested in acquiring Mitch Marner, with now some $25 million in cap room.

His response is pretty hilarious and he shrugged it off as «just rumors.»
That being said, there is a reason why Trotz held a press conference today. He made a major deal, trading defenseman Ryan McDonagh back to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for draft picks. The move opens up a little under 7 million dollars in cap space for the team.
Ryan McDonagh is going back to the @TBLightning! ⚡️
Reportedly, the McDonagh trade is just the opening move for Trotz this offseason. According to several sources, the move was intended to free up cap space so that he can pursue a 'high-end scorer' either in free agency or on the trade market. Notably, Trotz did joke that Marner is not a free agent, but that does not mean the Predators won't be in on him when the Leafs inevitably put him on the trade market.
After talking to a few people, the sense is the McDonagh trade is a precursor to an aggressive pursuit of a high-end scorer by Barry Trotz

The Mitch Marner stans are going to be insufferable now
All of that being said, Marner does have a full no-trade clause in his contract. If he does not want to play in Nashville for whatever reason, he won't have to. We will just have to wait and see what the summer has in store for us.