Top Leafs Prospect Officially Leaves Europe to play in North America

Published August 11, 2023 at 11:25

Top Leafs Prospect to play in North America

People are talking about one of the Maple Leafs' most exciting young players: Roni Hirvonen. It looks like might be ready to play in Toronto next season.

Hirvonen was drafted by the Leafs in 2020 and has been working hard ever since. After playing and training in Finland, he says he's ready to play here in North America.


He recently talked about his development:

"I feel like everyone helped me. We had a good group of guys, everyone took me in well and it was a fun time to be here. It made me look forward even more to start this season...

That's helped me a lot to come here and get to know everyone and the training on the ice. I feel I got some improvement in the five weeks I was here after my season in Finland. I feel I'm more ready to come here now.

I've gotten more mature, stronger, faster and everything has improved," he said. I'm looking forward to starting the season here."

Wickenheiser Comments

Hayley Wickenheiser, the Assistant General Manager of Player Development, is happy with how Hirvonen has been doing.

"I think he's made significant progress and really, the credit goes to Roni. He's been very open to the ideas we've thrown at him as a development staff. We've changed a little bit about his posture, his stick, his approach to the game. He's a more confident guy, more powerful and explosive.

He had a very long season last year where they played almost 11 months, so he's catching up off the ice in terms of conditioning and training, which will be the biggest thing for Roni because he's a competitor, he has a good head on him and sees the ice fairly well."

Wickenheiser's praise tells us a lot. Hirvonen's hard work, talent, and willingness to learn are clear. Where do you think he'll play next year?

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Top Leafs Prospect Officially Leaves Europe to play in North America

Where do you think Hirvonen will play next year?

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