Significant Details Revealed Regarding Auston Matthews Career with the Leafs

Published June 2, 2023 at 5:45 PM

Questions Surrounding Auston Matthews' Future in Toronto

Throughout all the drama within the Maple Leafs front office, the future of Auston Matthews in Toronto has become a subject of considerable speculation.

As the franchise record holder for most goals scored in a single season, Matthews will become a free agent after the upcoming season. With the arrival of a new general manager, the Leafs may be inclined to maximize their assets.

According to Elliotte Friedman, while he expects Toronto to extend Matthews' contract, he believes it will not be for the maximum term of eight years.

Instead, Matthews may seek a shorter contract within the range of three to six years. This approach would position him to become a free agent during the peak of his career.

This arrangement would allow Matthews to remain with the Leafs for the next few years while the newly appointed GM, Brad Treliving, endeavors to construct a championship-winning team.

If the team fails to achieve success during this period, Matthews would then have the freedom to explore other opportunities as a free agent.

No-Trade Clause Complications

As mentioned by Friedman, the presence of a no-trade clause in Matthews' contract, which becomes effective on July 1st, less than a month away, is very problematic.

Ideally, Toronto would like to finalize negotiations with Matthews before this date, ensuring stability for the remainder of the season. However, Friedman suggests that this may not come to fruition.

Once July 1st arrives, Toronto will be left with two options: re-sign Matthews or risk losing him.

Trading him at the deadline will not be possible due to the constraints imposed by his no-trade clause. Consequently, the new GM, Brad Treliving, faces the imperative of acting swiftly to address this situation.

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Significant Details Revealed Regarding Auston Matthews Career with the Leafs

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