Key Front Office Executive May Depart from Toronto Maple Leafs

Published June 2, 2023 at 4:06 PM

Turbulent Times for Toronto Maple Leafs' Front Office

The Toronto Maple Leafs have recently undergone significant changes in their front office. The exits of Dubas and Spezza have been notable, but there could potentially be more departures to come.

There's a rising concern that the Leafs may lose another vital member from their front-office team, according to recent reports.

Potential Departure of Brandon Pridham

Following the dismissal of Kyle Dubas, the Leafs heavily relied on AGM Brandon Pridham, who served in the role of interim GM. However, with Brad Treliving stepping in, questions are surfacing about the future role of Pridham in the Leafs' management.

Treliving shared his views on Pridham:

"He's, to me, in my mind, one of the very best, if not the best at what he does in the league." He also expressed his eagerness to work with the existing team: "I think we've got really talented people here, now I just have to get to know them."

However, despite Treliving's confidence in Pridham, fans may have to worry about other factors influencing Pridham's future in the Leafs' management.

Could Dubas Lure Pridham to Pittsburgh?

Speculations are rife among fans that Kyle Dubas may be planning to attract Pridham to Pittsburgh to fill the currently vacant GM role. This wouldn't be out of character, as Dubas has elevated Pridham multiple times during his period at Toronto.

Rumors are floating around that Dubas may have a pact with Toronto to refrain from approaching Pridham until the draft is over, a move that mirrors the deal Calgary made with Treliving.

Pridham's potential move could prove beneficial for the Penguins, as he could provide guidance to another ex-Leaf, Jason Spezza.

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Key Front Office Executive May Depart from Toronto Maple Leafs

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