Max Domi Showing Off His Hands and Boxing Skills in Viral Video

Published August 4, 2023 at 4:27 PM

In a recent viral video, Max Domi has been showing off just what he can bring to the table for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season.

Versatile Domi

Domi is well-known throughout the league for his toughness, but his ability to score and facilitate is really what rounds out his game. In 2022-23, Domi was able to pot 20 goals coupled with 36 assists.

However, he recently showed off what a lot of Leaf fans are excited that he brings to the roster.

Max Domi got hands 😳 @maxdomi

Needed Toughness

Domi addresses something that the Leafs haven't had on their roster in a while, top-talent toughness. Yes, the Leafs have always rostered the likes of Wayne Simmonds and other past tough guys, but those players were often cemented to low minutes and healthy scratches.

Domi will bring his toughness on a regular basis to the Leafs, and will likely get big minutes with the squad, meaning his toughness and skill will be on display more often than not this season.


As Read on Maple Leafs Insider - "Leafs winger Max Domi shows off his surprisingly good boxing skills during his summer training"
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Max Domi Showing Off His Hands and Boxing Skills in Viral Video

How many points will Max Domi have this season with the Leafs?

30-403024.6 %
40-504335.2 %
50-602823 %
60+2117.2 %
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