Maple Leaf Alumnus Considering Retirement From Hockey at Just 27

Wade Messier
July 31, 2023  (4:43 PM)

It's no secret that hockey takes quite a physical toll on the players who compete in the sport. While most not only overcome but embrace the physical challenges, others wind up falling victim to serious injuries that can derail a career. That appears to be the case with this particular player, who appears to be considering his retirement from the sport.

Who is Ho-Sang?

A new report suggests that former Maple Leaf Josh Ho-Sang is considering his retirement from the sport of hockey at just 27 years of age. Usually, something has to have gone very wrong for a player to consider retirement at such an early age, and in this case, something did.
Ho-Sang never lived up to the 1st round pedigree he was supposed to, but that's alright, most players don't. The journeyman took a brief stint overseas in Sweden before landing in Toronto two seasons ago. He was full of optimism and made it clear that he would play wherever the organization wanted him to, even if that meant in the ECHL.
His stellar play with the Toronto Marlies earned Ho-Sang a spot on the Canadian Olympic team at the Bejing Olympics, and it looked like Ho-Sang might've been ready for a call-up to the NHL when he returned. Unfortunately, injuries prevented a smooth return to North America, and he finished his season on a rather unceremonious note.

Ho-Sang Considering Retirement

After his season with the Marlies, Ho-Sang signed in the KHL, expecting a big bounceback from his injuries. Unfortunately, he would only play one game before missing the rest of the KHL season with an injury.
Now it seems like the forward is preparing to announce his retirement.
It truly is heartbreaking to see injuries derail a career to the point where a player is forced to hang up their skates so young. For many players, hockey is one of the few constants in their lives, and to have it ripped away due to injuries is a terrible thing.
We wish Josh Ho-Sang nothing but the best.
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