Maple Leafs May be Forced to Move this Top-4 Defenceman

Published July 31, 2023 at 3:27 PM
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Despite having little cap room to work with at the beginning of the off-season, the Maple Leafs have made some questionable moves this off-season, and now it may force them to move a key blue liner.

A veteran force


The Maple Leafs blue line looks like a mess right now, with Morgan Rielly, TJ Brodie, Jake McCabe, John Klingberg and Mark Giordano expected to play big roles, but that likely needs to change.

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Even after the move to send Matt Murray to LTIR, the Leafs sit more than $2 million above the salary cap, and if they want to improve as a team, especially as the season begins, there's one man that is likely on his way out.

TJ Brodie

Brodie carries a cap hit of $5 million for the upcoming season, and without much depth on the blue line, they may need to move him now in order to make room for a bigger move down the track.

He's been a solid contributor for Toronto in his three years since leaving the Flames, but now, it appears the team have no choice but to move off his contract, especially if they are to compete for a Stanley Cup this season like many expect.

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