Jon Cooper Admits To Manipulating Media Narrative In Playoffs

Published October 21, 2023 at 8:18 PM

The Leafs and the Lightning have famously met in the playoffs several times in recent years. Over that stretch of time we have seen Lightning head coach Jon Cooper mention specific on-ice incidents to the media as a way of potentially influencing the outcome of the next game. Now Cooper admits to doing this.

Cooper Admits To Manipulating The Narrative

Jon Cooper was on TSN 1050's OverDrive yesterday where he made some very interesting remarks about the media and postseason hockey.

"Playoffs is a little bit different. You're playing against a team in a 7-game series and there's been times in my career where if I needed to get something through, I selectively do it through the media. It's definitely happened in the playoffs but not in the season."

While coaches regularly complain about the officiating both during and after games, it is very rare to hear a coach admit to doing this. This is likely the case as doing so implies that the coach is directly trying to influence the officiating in the next game. This would not make much sense in the regular season, but in a playoff series where you are playing the same team again it makes perfect sense.


Cooper probably sees this as just part of his job. He has to make sure he is doing everything in his power to help his team win in the playoffs, and he is clearly quite good at that. Saying this in public might be a bit shocking, bit is nice to hear him be honest about it. The Lightning are currently taking on the Leafs, making the timing of this story just a bit more intriguing.

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Jon Cooper Admits To Manipulating Media Narrative In Playoffs

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