Hockey Hall of Famer Fat-Shames Leafs Fan on Broadcast

Published April 21, 2023 at 11:08
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An Intense Playoff Game Between Leafs and Lightning

Last night's game between the Leafs and the Lightning was arguably the most thrilling match of the playoffs so far. The intensity peaked during a confrontation between Tanner Jeannot, referees, and Maple Leafs fans seated near the glass. During this time, former NHL legend Phil Esposito, who was part of the Tampa Bay Lightning radio broadcast, made some controversial remarks regarding the incident.

Phil Esposito's Insensitive Remark


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Although Esposito is best known for his illustrious hockey career and his place among the sport's all-time greats, his presence on the Tampa Bay Lightning's radio broadcast last night led to a heated moment.

As game two of the quarterfinals unfolded, fans targeted Tanner Jeannot and Patrick Maroon with their jeers, prompting Esposito to direct a specific comment at one Maple Leafs fan.

You've got a fat woman who's yapping like crazy here, or is that a guy with long hair I can't tell

While some might dismiss Esposito's remark as inconsequential, others who have experienced the challenges of obesity could find his words hurtful and degrading.

What are your thoughts? Do Esposito's comments merely reflect attitudes from his era, or should he have demonstrated greater sensitivity?

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