Patrick Maroon Took the Fight Into the Stands

Published April 21, 2023 at 11:06

As usual, the excitement surrounding the Toronto vs. Tampa series continues to escalate. Spectators are consistently captivated by these matchups, and last night's game was no different! This time, however, the drama was not just seen on ice this time, in fact, Patrick Maroon took the show to the stands.

Provoked by Fans

Following a heated exchange that landed both Patrick Maroon and Corey Perry in the penalty box, fans couldn't resist the opportunity to further provoke the Lightning players. A similar scenario had played out earlier in the game involving Tanner Jeannot, which resulted in the ejection of one overzealous fan.

Maroon Swings at a Fan

As you can see on those videos, fans don't make it easy on the players. This time it was too much for Patrick Maroon who responded by trying to swipe at the fans with his hockey stick.

Luckily for Maroon and the fan, Corey Perry intervened to take away Maroon's stick.

It goes without saying that attempting to strike a fan with a stick is never acceptable, and we're thankful no one was injured in the fracas.

As for Maroon, additional disciplinary action from the league may be on the horizon, depending on the NHL's assessment of the situation.

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Patrick Maroon Took the Fight Into the Stands

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