Kyle Dubas Makes Instant Impact In Pittsburgh Firing Three Front Office Members

Published June 2, 2023 at 7:31 PM
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It didn't take long for former Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager, Kyle Dubas, to make an impact in his new role as President of Hockey Operations for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hockey Insider Frank Seravalli revealed that Dubas has already made significant changes by firing three key members of the Penguins' front office.

Dubas Make Instant Impact


The individuals let go by Dubas include the Director of Hockey Strategy, the Senior Vice-President of Sports Science/Performance, and the Director of Professional Scouting. These departures signify a shift in the organization's approach under Dubas' leadership.

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Moreover, there have been rumors suggesting that Dubas intends to bring in individuals he previously worked with in Toronto. One potential addition to the Penguins' front office is Jason Spezza, who could potentially become the team's new General Manager. Dubas' familiarity with Spezza from their time in Toronto makes this possibility worth considering.

Dubas Hopes To Build Another Cup Contender In Pittsburgh

Dubas departed from Toronto following another disappointing playoff run, and now he faces the challenge of revitalizing the Penguins, who failed to make the playoffs this season. This task will require strategic decision-making and astute player acquisitions to strengthen the team for future success.

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