Michael McLeod, Cal Foote, Carter Hart, Dillon Dube, Alex Formenton.
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BREAKING: NHL Insider Reveals New Details On 2018 Canadian WJC Case

Published February 1, 2024 at 6:01 PM
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A new report has clarified a couple of pieces of information in the case against the five World Juniors players from the 2018 Canada team.

Insider Reveals New Details On 2018 Canadian WJC Case

Insider Rick Westhead once again gave an update on the case involving the 2018 Canadian World Junior team. The new report confirms that all of the players who had contact with the victim are considered suspects. Westhead also confirms that each player charged plans to plead not guilty.

One takeaway of the documents filed in court is confirmation that police in London, Ont. believe that the 2018 World Juniors player who E.M. says she initially had consensual s** with also s**** a**** her.
Again, lawyers for the five players have said they all will plead not guilty. The allegations against them have not been proven.
Will be on @SportsCentre tonight to unpack.

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This news clarifies both the involvement of the original player in the situation as well as the plans for each player going forward. Now we will await the statement from the London Police Department to officially confirm these reports.

As more information becomes available or is confirmed we will pass it along to you.
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