Carter Hart of the Philadelphia Flyers makes a save.
Photo credit: NBC Sports

BREAKING: Philadelphia Flyers Officially Make a move with Carter Hart

Published February 1, 2024 at 12:41
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The Philadelphia Flyers have been trying to move Carter Hart for a while now, and now the reason has become clear given his implication in the 2018 World Juniors scandal involving Team Canada.

Philly move Carter Hart to the non-roster list

After being officially implicated and asked to surrender to the London Police, Hart took a leave of absence from the team, and now they have made another move involving the goaltender.

Philadelphia #LetsGoFlyers have moved goaltender Carter Hart to non-roster

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Given the legal and moral obligations that come along with what Hart is being accused of, there's very little chance that he gets back into the NHL anytime soon, with the Flyers placing him on the non-roster list.

What that now means for Philly is that he will no longer count against the teams active roster, and will give the Flyers the opportunity to replace him, and his potential return will now likely be up to the result of the legal proceedings.
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