Connor Bedard during a game with the Chicago Blackhawks.
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Major Update Concerning Connor Bedard and the All-Star Weekend

Published February 1, 2024 at 10:22
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Connor Bedard got injured during a game in January and underwent a surgery that forces him to miss the All-Star Game and six weeks of NHL activities.

Now, a new update caught fans by surprise concerning his status ahead of this weekend's events.

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All-Star Weekend: Bedard Will be in Toronto

A new post made by Sherwood revealed that Bedard will be in Toronto this weekend.

He won't take part in the official game, but he will showcase his skills in a shooting competition and demonstration on Saturday, in the Maple Leaf Square.

"Announcement from @sherwoodhockey says Connor Bedard will be in Toronto during NHL All-Star weekend with an appearance at Maple Leaf Square on Saturday "


Fans will be able to see the star rookie this weekend despite his injury! This is great news for fans who were planning to make the trip to Toronto.

While many would've preferred to see him in the real ASG, it's better than nothing.

As seen on House of Hockey - Bedard Is Officially Heading To Toronto
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