Chris Tanev of the Calgary Flames.
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Report: Calgary Flames on the verge of another blockbuster trade

Published February 1, 2024 at 3:09 PM
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The Calgary Flames shocked the NHL world on Wednesday when they landed a haul of futures for Elias Lindholm, and that appears to have just been the beginning for new GM Craig Conroy.

Chris Tanev next to go from Calgary?

It never came to fruition, but there were rumours that former Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev was on his way back to Vancouver, either in the Elias Lindholm deal or in a separate one.

I believe he was, but it was thought to better as a separate deal. Heard the same, Rick.

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Obviously, a double deal on the same night didn't occur, but whether it's to Vancouver or elsewhere, reports are that the Flames would love to move out Tanev very soon.

A bidding war for the veteran defenseman?

Unlike Lindholm however, the market for Tanev is reportedly very deep, with New York, Dallas, Toronto, Vancouver and others all linked to the veteran defenseman, which could trigger a major bidding war.

He may not score at the level of some young defensemen, but Tanev brings the intangibles that few others in the league do, and with so many teams looking to make a Stanley Cup run in 2023-24, he'll draw even more interest as a potential trade draws near.

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