Former Leaf Player Wants Four time Stanley Cup Champion to Replace Sheldon Keefe as Head Coach

Published June 5, 2023 at 6:44 PM
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You could point out many issues surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs right now. The uncertainty with contracts of star players, Dubas being fired, Brenden Shanahan's judgment etc.

You could also look at their coaching situation. They already lost Spencer Carbury to the Washington Capitals, and Sheldon Keefe hasn't really proven himself.

Versteeg's Take

According to Kris Versteeg, a solution to that coaching problem comes from their provincial neighbour:

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As weird as it would be to see Patrick Roy coach the Leafs, Versteeg thinks it's their best option. He certainly has the winning pedigree.

"Patrick Roy... I would do it tomorrow. I would do it today. I'm not even kidding. When I watched him coach the game yesterday his team was dialed in. I think he's learned what he needs to do at the NHL level to be successful. I'm vouching for him. I want him here. I'm watching that game (Memorial Cup Final) and thinking why not the NHL? Maybe bring Simon Gagne with him to help him more on the offense. I start looking at that as a great fit." - Versteeg on who the Leafs should hire as the team's new head coach.

Roy's name has been circulating recently in NHL talk after is Quebec Remparts team destroyed their opponents in the QMJHL playoffs and the Memorial Cup, ultimately taking home the trophy.

At the end of the day the Leafs need to make a change, and that starts with Brad Triliving. We'll get some clarity on that front soon enough.

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider
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