Here's How the Leafs can Benefit from Cole Caufield's New Contract

Julien Trekker
June 5, 2023  (2:53 PM)

Montreal Locks in Caufield with 8-Year Contract

The Montreal Canadiens have signed Cole Caufield to a long-term contract, ensuring his presence on the team for the next eight seasons. Caufield has proven his ability to have a significant impact on games, and now he will continue to do so for a long time.

How Does Caufield's Deal Impacts Nylander's Contract Negotiations

William Nylander, like Caufield, is an important player for his team. When Nylander signed his current contract, he had averaged 0.74 points per game in the previous season. On the other hand, Caufield boasts a slightly higher average of 0.78 points per game.
Although Nylander managed to reach the milestone of averaging a point per game this year, it took him five seasons to reach the 30 goals mark. In contrast, Caufield would likely have surpassed that plateau if he hadn't faced injury setbacks.
One important difference between the two players is their contract status. Caufield was a restricted free agent when he signed his new contract, giving Montreal more control over his future. In contrast, Nylander is an unrestricted free agent, granting him the freedom to explore offers from other teams and pursue the most lucrative deal.
Considering Caufield's recent contract, which sees him earning $7.85 million per year, Nylander may have more bargaining power in negotiations with the Toronto Maple Leafs. If Nylander aims for a salary around $10-10.5 million, the Leafs could use Caufield's deal as a reference point to potentially negotiate a lower figure, possibly closer to $9 million.
Furthermore, Caufield's youth, higher productivity, and the prime years ahead of him enhance his value in comparison to Nylander.