Top Three Unrestricted Free Agents the Maple Leafs Should Seriously Consider Acquiring This Summer

Published June 5, 2023 at 2:16 PM
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As the new era under Brad Treliving begins in Toronto, the Maple Leafs are getting ready for big changes. Fans are excitedly talking about how the Leafs will change their team for the upcoming season, especially when it comes to free agents.

Should O'Reilly and Murray Come Back?

One big question right now is whether Ryan O'Reilly and Matt Murray will still be part of the Leafs. If they leave, it would free up about $20 million in salary cap space and give the Leafs a chance to sign some of the best free agents in the league.

Three Free Agents the Leafs Should be Interested In

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Patrick Kane: Even though Kane recently had hip surgery and will be out for a few months, the Leafs should consider him. Despite his age, Kane's experience and skill would be a valuable addition to the team if he recovers well.


Vladimir Tarasenko: The idea of having Tarasenko and Matthews playing together on the powerplay is very exciting. Tarasenko is a talented player, but he may come with a high price tag. If the Leafs want to change their core group of players, he could be a great addition.

Dmitry Orlov: The Leafs need to improve their defense, and Orlov could be the solution. He performed well towards the end of the season and in the playoffs, showing his potential. He is a strong candidate to join the Leafs.


These three players could bring the experience and determination the Leafs need to win the Stanley Cup. They have all won a Stanley Cup before and know what it takes to succeed. As Treliving considers all his options, it wouldn't be surprising to see one of these three players on the Leafs' team this summer.

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