Friedman Gives Major Update About Expansion in Atlanta

Published June 5, 2023 at 5:18 PM
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Where are the Coyoyes Headed?

The hockey world has been talking a lot lately about where the Coyotes might move to. Some cities like Houston, Salt Lake City, and Kansas City have been mentioned, but one city that hasn't gotten much attention is Atlanta.

There's a rumor going around, shared by insider Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek Show, that the NHL is looking at Atlanta as a potential new home for the Coyotes. The plan would involve building a new arena in Alpharetta, a small city near Atlanta.

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The Atlanta Coyotes?

This isn't about bringing back the Atlanta Thrashers. It's about moving the Coyotes to Atlanta and bringing NHL hockey back to Georgia.

Atlanta has had a rocky relationship with the NHL in the past. The Atlanta Flames moved to Calgary, and the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg and became the Jets. Surprisingly, the NHL saw Arizona as a better fit for a team than Atlanta, even though Atlanta had already lost two franchises.

Many experts in hockey think that the NHL should focus on Atlanta itself, rather than a suburb like Alpharetta, for their third try. By building a new stadium in downtown Atlanta and reaching out to the city's lively population, the NHL can work towards creating a strong hockey culture in the region. This has been a goal for the NHL for a while, but it hasn't been easy to achieve.

As seen on House of Hockey - Elliotte Friedman Makes Things Clear Regarding an NHL Team in Atlanta
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